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A glimpse of my future version

a glimpse of my future version

15th Jun 2027, The Khaleej Times, Coffee & Conversation with Sadiya Kauser Ahmad.

With World Social Media Day around the corner, Khaleej Times exclusively interviewed Mrs. Sadiya Kauser Ahmad based out of Dubai who is recently known to have made waves in the Social Media Digital Industry.

Sadiya hails from the beautiful land of India and was born and raised in the silicon city of Bangalore. She holds a Master's in Computer Science and experience in fields like Information Technology and Digital Marketing. She is an active Blogger, Consultant, Influencer, and Coach. Nominated for this year's 2027 Dubai’s Rising star and UAE's most influential women on Social Media, Sadiya has top brands like Dubai tourism, Emirates airlines, Emaar properties, Noon delivery, and Damas jewelry in her kitty.

So what drove you to move from the Corporate World to the Digital Marketing industry?

Corporate life was very mechanical. It was a boring and incomplete zone. I wasn’t really enjoying it. There was always this creative and colorful side to me that was calling and I was thinking and wanting to do something in the digital space for a long long time. That’s when I took a Break. Then Digital Deepak Marketing Internship Program happened and I was absorbed by DDIP itself. Thanks to Mr. Deepak Kanakaraju, founder of DDIP who helped me connect the dots. Social media was the best thing that happened to me and then there was never looking back.

What do you think about Social Media?

One of the most powerful weapons in the world. It can make you and break you in a couple of hours. This is a play-safe game that comes with a statutory warning! (she giggles). Change is the only thing that is constant, it's constantly evolving with new tools and trends. You need to be on your toes all the time.

Do you seem to pro as a Social Media Influencer?

I have always been a very expressive person. Words and photography come naturally to me. You see, online creativity isn't easy. Some say "oh just a few posts, comments, likes, and shares that's all". There is so much more to it. A lot of hard work goes behind the scenes. Social media handles are just like your bank accounts, transactions, and audits. They are real stuff. Just as hard it is to make engaging creative content out there, so is it equally challenging to manage it. You obviously can't scale from 500 to 500000 followers overnight. It took years to build that kind of number.

What's your take on endorsements?

My audience follows me largely because they are able to connect with the content I offer. So you see, authenticity is huge for me. It really matters. If I say this brand is good you know people believe in it. They consider it and probably even go for it. So naturally, I collaborate with brands that I personally believe are genuine. There is a social and moral responsibility that comes along with the monetary benefits of being an influencer.

What about your future plans? Are you thinking of entrepreneurship?

I get feedback from Celebrities and Startups in the UAE. They want to tie up with me to groom content, drive strategies and curate their social media handles. It’s a potential opportunity. Maybe build a top Influencer Marketing Grooming Institute in GCC and MENA region. I am exploring the scope and look forward to expanding in the coming days!

And what would you like to say to your followers who look up to you as a role model?

Dream big and work towards it hard. keep learning and keep trying. Good things and good times will come your way!


(Readers please note this is part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program assignment).

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