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Lockdown-Discover yourself

lockdown discover yourself
self discovery journey

The year 2020 is going down in the history of mankind with a lesson that one must always remember "value life". COVID 19 dawned upon humans only to conquer the world and in a matter of time, people began to witness the catastrophic after-effects of this mighty virus. Millions lost their lives turning to crippled lifestyles and a paralyzed economy. It's so amazing to know how a microscopic parasite could actually be instrumental in leading the world to stop spinning on its very own axis!

In an era that is known to me to have made some of its greatest success stories and advancement and breakthroughs in fields of medicine, science and technology yet nobody saw NOVEL CORONA VIRUS coming. None predicted we were about to witness such an unprecedented journey of a lifetime, the experience and knowledge of which was about to culminate into one of a kind. With restricted mobility and technically people house arrested we were going to live life in a lockdown!

What used to be called a bustling city life was no longer so. With no freedom of movement and limitations within the 4 concrete walls of our homes, humans almost froze and began living a paralyzed life. As if stillness and silence lingered in the air. At some point, I began to think maybe God wanted to revive the faith of the almighty's existence in people and forced them to pause for a bit.

Some say one always has a choice to make the most of the situation. So I began to understand and work on myself and to my surprise lockdown changed my outlook towards life. I actually started making the most of the given situation. Initially, it was difficult and challenging but as the saying goes" what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", humans are designed to adapt to change for survival.

Lessons I learned during a Lockdown.

Self Introspection

It was an opportunity for me to self introspect. I could make use of all the idle time I had and convert it into something productive or just put it away to waste. As the old saying goes "Time waits for no man" I began to understand what I was, what I 'am, and what I want to be in my life. At every point in time, it was important to identify my strengths, weakness, and goals as a way forward to work on myself and to change to a better version of myself. Being mindful could actually bring a paradigm shift!

Embrace change

Humans are designed to adapt to their surroundings for survival. A sudden force of change is not always welcomed. The real truth is we have no control over everything and instead understand the gravity of the situation and take charge of it. I realized the best way to deal is to embrace and adapt so I welcomed this change in my life with open arms. You see positive outlook can actually contribute to better and make a big difference. It's how you think and act. Your brain is wired to influence you and your life.

Daily targets

I had this laid-back attitude to delay things for always "tomorrow". Successful people often say "Discipline is a very important measure for success". One has to thrive to be punctual to work hard. It is a fundamental aspect towards shaping a goal be it big or small. I had to start from scratch and began to religiously chart out goals for the day and work towards them to keep me motivated and move forward to living a fruitful life.

Learn to enjoy

Constrained by space and time, it was extremely important for me to learn to enjoy. The process was actually quite simple. I began to indulge myself in many little things and prioritized focusing on my lifestyle and adopting healthy habits. Exercise, Meditate, Healthy Meal and Good Sleep do wonders. Check out this link for health benefits. A good productive pass time like reading a book or writing a blog became a fruitful investment. A mundane daily routine life comprising of household chores and cooking now seemed promising like never before.

The point here is what really drove me to write this blog and share is the fact that there are many such readers like me out there who probably might be in a state of confusion with no clarity in life. Honestly at any point in time no matter how worst the situation maybe one should learn to understand the given situation and adapt to change, make informed decisions, and choose the best of what is ahead to move forward in life. May the positive ray of hope and faith dawn upon us. Amen!

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