The ring makes all the difference!

“a perfect marriage is between two imperfect people who simply refuse to give up on each other”

ring makes difference

The world where we live today it's often seen people around us getting in and out of relationships too quickly or rather too frequently. It's a pattern observed or perhaps a trend which is generally considered okay and accepted. Yet a few handful who are traditional in their views tend to worry and often question should this be a norm in the current date? Some tend to sense a feeling of casualness exercised, perhaps it lacks loyalty and sheer dedication. It’s like you want to sit behind those wheels and test drive a Mercedes a BMW or a Ferrari and you want to know which is “The only one” meant just for you. Are relationships really meant to be this way? No absolutely not.

For centuries this subject continues to remain a favourite among debaters and gossipmongers. If one goes down history you may observe how for generations our forefathers spoke about infidelity and polygamous relationships, how it was looked at and largely considered as a sin and discouraged and condemned by the people of that time. Yet there were one segment of people who enjoyed and indulged in sinful pleasures. Often the behavior is a pattern largely due to the quest to seek variety and to spice up the erotic game.There are reasons as to why people believe this and often conclude to be true once they get into and out of relationships too quickly or too frequently hoping to look for a better one only to realize with time that there is no such thing as “The” relationship, I will tell you why.

People who date each other could probably just be as excited to find solace in simply seeing each other, exchange sexual notes and spend quality time doing activities. It could be first in form of “no strings attached” but overtime the growing chemistry could bud into something more. That's when couples often move up the next level and "live in together". Here they tend to experience what is it like to be married to a person and get to know each other more than before. It allows the person to show their vulnerable side, their strengths and weaknesses and the lover gets the actual glimpse of reality, their partners personality and who they are. This makes it easier for the lover to decide if he or she can be the best match as a partner to spend their rest of life with.

Marriage is a sacred contract between a man and woman who physically emotionally and spiritually commit themselves into this relationship. Here the individuals consciously decide to give in their everything to work it out even during tests of time. Despite having said that many get into the act of adultery. Some of the most obvious reasons is out of frustration or lack of happiness or satisfaction in their existing relationship. Whatever the reason maybe people unknowingly end up getting caught into an affair to seek immediate gratification. However with time the person does tend to build up feelings of guilt within oneself and eventually puts an end to one of the relationships.There can be many reasons to this conclusion legal implications, money, emotions and either he or she decides to call their marriage quits and move on in life or simply end the affair and go back to their spouse and give it another shot to work it out. In majority of cases it’s the amount of time and effort that has been invested in the marriage the spouse who has unconditionally being there that triggers guilt in the infidel spouse and wins the game. “It’s often said “a perfect marriage is between two imperfect people who simply refuse to give up on each other”. Well I would agree to it after all the ring does makes all the difference.

PS: People who disagree with the above perspective please note it is purely out of facts, observations and experiences in my life.

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