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Plan your road trip Bangalore to Goa

plan your road trip bangalore to goa
do you love road trips?

Travelers who love to explore Bangalore to Goa on a road trip needless to say the first thing that comes to one’s mind is it worth it? Well, absolutely! Lets just say this place grows on you and pretty sure will make you come back for more, that is what I learnt over the years.

The best time to visit this paradise is between Nov-Feb and the best part of Goa to tour depends on one’s interest and preference. This incredible Indian state is known for it’s natural beauty and fusion culture and a favorite vacation destination among tourist and globetrotters. So what are you waiting for? Suit yourself and go live some Goan life!

Located at a distance of about 500+kms means the journey takes around 10+ hours from Bangalore and here is the best travel tip do your homework, plan, and execute wisely!

If you enjoy lesser crowds and quieter beaches then zero down south or move up north. If you're looking for night life and active shacks stay central. Pick a roadmap and choose a sensible route. It’s better to stop overnight at south Goa and move upwards north Goa next morning. Leave early, while you hop from south to north to avoid any traffic congestion on interconnecting roads. They tend to remain usually busy day and night due to proximity to the airport as many visitors prefer to fly down.

Now, If your going to ask me which route? This one continues to remain my favorite pick!

Bangalore-Tumkur-NH48-SH6-NH66-South Goa"

The plus point is it’s a zero-wildlife forest crossing zone so even if your vehicle breaks down you don’t have to run for your life!

Start your journey early, head Bangalore outskirts to avoid any morning incoming city traffic. An ideal time would be 5am so you might actually end up hitting the beach to watch sunset on the same day!

Some of my favorite stop over for breaks? Apoorva resort – one could easily reach here by 9 or 10am for a cup of tea or breakfast. Indraprastha restaurant – can be spotted around 2 or 3pm and quite popular for lunch and quick service. A must try dish here? Grab the Indian thali meal. For those who miss either of these lookout for coffee days. One could also consider Kamat Upachar on your return journey.

How about those who want to drive in Goa instead? Take a flight and hire your favorite car for rent. There are plenty of rental service available, my favorite is Joe Car rentals

professional and reasonable. You can opt to rent your favorite bike or car and even have it picked up from and back to the airport. This works out much cheaper than even prepaid taxis or commute charges to or from airport. Keep in mind transport is expensive in Goa and you don’t really have tuk tuks to offer you even short distance rides.

The tourism industry continues to dominate Goans and I don’t see accommodation as something to worry about. At any point of time surplus of hotels are readily available so one should ideally be able to book a decent room even at the last hour!

I personally prefer sea-facing huts with balcony views during my stays. They tend to personalize the beach experience to a whole new level. My next best pick are ones with garden views, they are relatively cheaper and accessible from beach and great choice for budget travel

Now, if you ask me which is my favorite beach? Hmm, it depends on what one is looking for.

Best places in South Goa? Choose Paloleum or Agonda.

Agonda beach,Goa,India.
Paloleum beach,Goa,India.

There are boat trips that operate both morning and evening and is worth a try. It’s an hour ride and you might get lucky to watch dolphins. They also take you to butterfly and honeymoon beach which is remote and accessible only by a speed boat.

Butterfly beach,Goa,India.

Draupadi is another famous restaurant known for authentic Goan seafood. You must try their signature dishes from their “Taste of India” menu.

White resort, Agonda,Goa,India.

For fine dining and luxurious stays try White resort and Goa Cottages.

Goa cottages,Agonda,Goa,India

During the season both these beaches come alive and host-active night life. Nightclub “Silent Noise” is unique and worth your time, others include Leopard valley and Neptune point.

Best places in North Goa? Pick Morjim, Mandrem, Ashwem, Arambol. They again are very calm and less crowded place.

Baga continues to rule the night life and activities and is considered one of the busiest and happening place in Goa.

Baga beach,Goa,India.

Try activities like parasailing and banana boat ride, they are fun. A must try eating out place is Brittos, quiet famous for Goan authentic seafood.


You will find plenty of shacks around the corner that offers good music and food. Party lovers nightclubs like Titos, Mambos, LPK, Club Cabana to name a few will surely get you to grove to numbers. Most of these places play trance and psy. I know a friend who runs events here who you can contact for events and weddings.

Anjuna is another good choice for night life and quite popular is its flea market. Pick yourself some good beachwear. There are loads of stalls around every corner of Goa, do check them out and yes bargain!


Some of the best 5 star properties and private beaches are located in the central belt of Goa. They are closer to airport and beaches like Cavelessium, Benelium, Majorda, Varca, Colva and Utorda are the perfect choice if you want to experience fine dining, classy cabanas, and spas. Go luxury, get pampered!

When in Goa be a Goan. No matter which side of Goa you choose there is something definitely waiting to be explored. Feel free to risk and explore these territories. Get blown away with breathtaking beaches, shacks, culture, cuisine, flea markets, spa, and yoga. Simply stroll by the beach, bask in the sun or buzz around the shack. Whatever you choose to do, take your time to unwind from the daily chores of life. Indulge yourself with this much- needed happy Goan therapy. Namaste Goa!

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