Is Career a fog? fix it!

career confusion ways to fix

If you reading this article because you are confused at mind with regards to your career and struggling to get over it, well you have landed on the right page. You will be delighted to know its a normal phenomenon and there is no reason for you to get over stressed about it. Often many people go through this struggle as reality does not meet expectations. Let me explain further.

In childhood children grow up dreaming of what one wants to become. However by the time they enter their teens it’s an altogether different story. Some are clear in their head but often many are still confused as to what they really want to do out of their life. To chart a career path can actually be task. I wouldn't really blame one for being in such state as many factors contribute to this state. Lack of clarity, lack of knowledge, parental pressure and societal expectation can impact ones’s decision making.

Make a note of the following

Nothing is easy!

No matter what you choose as a career and no matter how easy it may project itself to you always remember you got to work really hard to achieve success.

Follow a passion!

Its important that you really enjoy what you do. If possible choose a career which is closely related to your area of interest. If your good at a hobby do give it over a thought and evaluate to see if it can fetch you a full fledge career.

Stay informed!

Though I would love to say choose something you love to not many are privileged to enjoy such option. Sometimes your in a given situation where your forced to choose between duty and love. Lets say If you or your family is burdened with financial constraints you definately want to invest yourself into a prospective lucrative career which can monetize and yield good returns.

Take Risks!

There are some bunch of people who love to explore new heights, crave for challenges and think out of box, do not even think if your one such, take the risk and venture out. There are plethora of opportunities awaiting for you to try your hands on. Consider entrepreneurship or freelancing whatever works for you.

Find a Mentor!

There is always a source to draw inspiration from. What better way to achieve your desired goal if you can constantly stay motivated and focused. Get help if need. Follow someone who aces the field. Best practises always helps you reach your goals.

Build a Network!

The world is available to you at the tip of your fingers, make use of it. Use social media, get connected, exchange notes. Enroll yourself to courses, groups and like minded people in your niche. It surely helps. Expand your horizon.

Adulthood can also reflect a similar state of confusion. After pursuing a full fledged career in jobs for many years one may experience a similar behaviour of mind. At much later phase in life you may often land yourself popping this question? This is not where you should be or not what you must be doing. I was one such person once upon a time. Believe me It's perfectly ok to be in such state. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. Some things are not in your control. Yet better late than never. One can still start again. Keep working. Success and Satisfaction will come your way. Just keep it going. Good Luck!

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